Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a funeral director can be difficult, especially if you are confronted with having to make a quick decision and arranging a funeral is not something that we have all had experience with.


Not all funeral directors are the same and you should be certain that you have all the information necessary and feel at ease and trust the funeral director you appoint.


With that in mind, we’ve tried to make the process a little easier by putting together a list of questions you might want to ask before you make your choice.


For any more information please call us no on 0161 483 3414.

Are you a local, independently owned business or part of a large group?

We are privately owned, and we are in no way connected with any other business. Although we have two trade names, George Hill Funeral Directors are the sister branch to Jonathan Alcock and Sons in Cheadle. We worked alongside the previous owner, Keith Beard for many years, he would hire our staff and vehicles, we purchased the business from him when he retired in 2005.

Are you a member of any professional trade associations? If so, who?

We are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors’ ‘N.A.F.D.’. We are required to abide by the strict code of conduct and practice, and we have regular unannounced visits to ensure that we are working to the high standards and providing our families with the best service possible.

How long have you been established as a business?

George Hill Funeral Directors worked alongside Keith Beard for many years until he retired in 2005. Jonathan Alcock & Sons Ltd bought the business from Keith but retained the trading name. Jonathan Alcock & Sons have been established since 1863.

How many branches do you have?

We have Jonathan Alcock & Sons Ltd in Cheadle Village and we have George Hill Funeral Directors in Hazel Grove. Jonathan Alcock and Sons has a modern purpose-built mortuary facility, two arranging rooms, two chapel of rests and this is where we store our vehicles. George Hill Funeral Directors has a comfortable arranging room and one chapel of rest. Due to the size of the premises, we are unable incorporate a preparation area to a high enough standard that ensures your loved one receives the best standard of care, we look after all preparations at our Cheadle Branch before taking your loved one to the Chapel of Rest at Hills. Each premises have onsite parking.

Are your staff full time employees and how many do you have?

There is always one full time funeral director based at George Hills but as a whole we consist of eight full time member of staff and two part time administration team members. We also have a bank of experienced staff who are employed to help on every funeral.


The staff have qualifications that consist of five having diploma’s in funeral directing and two having embalming degrees. We have an administration team, usually consisting of one of the company directors, on the premises always who are fully able to help in every situation.

Do you own your own vehicles?

We are very proud to have two new fleets of vehicles. Our Hearses are both ‘Northwood Classic’ models and the Limousines are a ‘Rosedale’ model. You may recognise our company vehicles as they all have ‘JAS’ within the number plate.

What happens if my loved one dies outside of normal business hours?

Our team are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you offer embalming?

Yes, our embalmers are qualified members of the British Institute of Embalmers. We do not insist upon embalming, however it is usually recommended if you wish to view your loved one.

Am I able to visit my loved one?

Yes, you are welcome to visit your loved one at our Chapels of Rest by appointment during normal office hours, but if this should mean that a family or friend would miss seeing their loved one, then we would always see if a member of our team could stay a little later or come back at the weekend at an agreed time. There is no one on the premises outside of normal office hours.

Can my loved one be dressed in their own clothing if we wish?

Yes, we welcome you to bring your loved one’s clothing, where possible we would need under garments and the clothing, but there is not always a need for their shoes. We appreciate it when we can see a photo of how your loved one looked, how they would wear their hair or for women, what make up was worn, although we would never put make up on someone unless it was requested. We can paint ladies’ nails and shave gentlemen’s faces, all upon request.

Are you able to arrange a funeral at my home or do we have to meet in your office?

We are happy to visit you at home or you are more than welcome to come onto our premises, whatever is best for you.

Who would be looking after us, would it be the same person throughout the funeral process?

Wherever possible, we pride ourselves on you working with one person who you will see for the initial arrangements all the way through conducting the ceremony.

Are you able to provide an itemised estimate of funeral expenses before I appoint you?

Yes, we will be able to provide you with an itemised estimate, although some of the disbursements (third party costs) may require confirmation. You will also receive a full set of our terms and conditions, the cancellation policy and we can provide you with our GDPR policies upon request.

Do we have to have a traditional funeral service?

Not at all, we aim to be as flexible as possible in what we offer. We are happy to accommodate your wishes and we are open to any unusual or unconventional requests.

Do we have to have a service at all?

No, you don’t have to. We offer a simple, low cost option for those wishing to arrange for a loved one to be cremated, where there is no form of funeral service whatsoever.

Do we have to use your services for all aspects of the funeral?

No, you don’t. If for example you wanted to use your own car, produce your own order of service sheets, use your own florist or submit your own obituary notice, then we are more than happy for you to do that, whatever makes the experience better for you.

Are you able to accommodate people of all faiths?

Yes, we can arrange services for people of any faith, as well as non-religious services. We work with several local Humanist Celebrants and Celebrants who can conduct non-religious or less religious services. Whatever your requirements we will always try to accommodate them, where possible.

Is it possible for the funeral to start from my home?

Yes, or you can start from our premises. We can collect family members in our limousines to meet the Hearse where the funeral is to take place. Whatever is best for you and your family.

Do you provide pall bearers?

We do provide pall bearers, although if you would prefer for family or friends to shoulder the coffin then we will provide the necessary help and guidance to make this possible.

Do you require a deposit before the funeral takes place?

Yes, we do require a deposit of the known disbursements prior to the funeral taking place, and then the outstanding balance invoice will be sent to you in the days following the funeral, with which you have a month to settle.

Do I have to make an appointment to come to the office and make funeral arrangements?

It is useful to ring and make an appointment to go through funeral arrangements so that we can ensure a funeral director is available to go through the details with you. If there is not a funeral director on the premises but Sarah is, she is also a fully qualified funeral director who is more than happy to go through things with you in their absence.

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