Bespoke Funerals & Prices

At George Hill Funeral Directors we prefer to offer bespoke tailored funerals over set price plans, unless you are looking to have a Direct Cremation or Simple Cremation.

We understand how unique funeral arrangements are for each individual and we feel confident we can cater for many different thoughts, wishes, requirements and beliefs.


We have excellent contacts with our local churches and work with many celebrants and humanist ministers, therefore, we can hopefully find you the right person to lead the service for your loved one.

George Hill Funeral Costs

Whenever we quote you the cost of a funeral, we will always break the costs down into the funeral directors’ fees and the third party fees, our funeral directors costs start from £2,230.00 which include a Hearse and One Following Limousine and an Elm Veneered Coffin.


Our ‘Direct Cremation’ is currently £1,515.00 plus disbursements and our ‘Simple’ funeral is currently £1,860.00 plus disbursements.

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